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Welcome to Amherst Karate Studio

We are a family studio dedicated to providing the best in martial arts training in the Souhegan Valley. Our flexible schedule and family pricing are a perfect fit for today’s busy families. We offer classes for pre-school age children, children ages 6-12, Adults and family classes.

Head Instructor Jim Peacock has over 30 years experience and oversees all of the classes, and we proudly have limited enrollment, with no more than a 6:1 Student to Instructor ratio. Our team of assistant instructors are well trained and share the vision that Mr. Peacock feels a martial arts school should be. Experience really does matter, and our programs produce top quality Black belts who are high performers in academics and their professional lives. We come highly recommended by the regions teachers, parents and law enforcement.

Our beautiful facility in Salzburg Square in Amherst boasts two training levels with top of the line zebra matting for your safety. Our separate parents’ area allows our parents to watch their children’s class on a monitor, minimizing distractions for the class in session. Our parents’ area has comfortable seating, a coffee bar and free wifi. We invite our parents into the classroom during test weeks to witness the results of our students hard work. Training in martial arts has many benefits, and our students become empowered through their training and leave each class with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Come see the difference at Amherst Karate Studio!

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