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Pre-School Karate
Fast paced, fun-filled classes
Classes are designed to improve children’s motor skills and self-confidence
Karate For Kids
Develop Respect, Self-Esteem &
Confidence Building
Karate for Kids system is based on a lifetime learning concept
Adult Martial Arts
Achieve your Personal Goals while Getting Fit
Feel better, look better, and live better while improving your body and mind
A Traditional Japanese System for Self-Defense
Challenging enough for the healthiest person, but easy enough to learn and perform as a beginner
Have enjoyed every moment

We have enjoyed every moment of our first year at Mr Peacock's studio. Both our sons greatly benefit from the program, and look forward to every class. Mr. Peacock offers a wonderful blend of discipline, exercise, and motivation that is interestin...

Amanda Jensen
Happy Parent
Shaping his character

My son is getting the best of the best at this place. Not only is he learning the art of Kenpo from Mr Peacock, he's also learning that hard work and self discipline can help you reach your goals and how respect and honor play important roles in s...

Tracey Hanlon
Satisfied Parent
An excellent communicator and role model

I've known Jim for 8 years and watched my son develop under his training into a responsible young man who is now a 2nd degree black belt and teaching others. He is an excellent communicator, leader, and role model. Now taking classes with him myse...

Shane Hooker
Jim is a great teacher

Jim is a great teacher. I came from a different school and the quality of teaching that comes from Jim is unsurpassed

Tricia Davis

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Message from School Owner Jim Peacock

Hi, My name is Jim Peacock and I’d like to thank you for your interest in our school. I take a lot of pride in our programs here at Amherst Karate Studio and I believe we have a school that is unlike any other. The success stories that come from our school are many and I really feel like I have the most rewarding career anyone could ever ask for.

Karate training for me was a life changing experience. At the time I tried I knew I needed to exercise and stay in shape, but I didn’t have the motivation to join a gym, and team sports seemed to me to be good for a handful of kids on the team, but not for everyone on the team. I had a casual interest in Karate and thought I’d give it a try, but didn’t have the nerve to take that next step. My friend started karate and insisted I give it a try. He helped get me started by loaning me his uniform and even lent me some money.


My instructor was patient and encouraging, and before long I realized that I actually could do it with a reasonable amount of skill. Karate training gave me the confidence to reject negative peer pressure, and before long I was choosing to go to class instead of doing some of the things that my friends at the time were doing, which quite frankly wasn’t the best thing for a kid to do. Karate gave me a positive environment with like- minded people who truly cared about my growth and development. 33 years later I still remember those first few days I started and wonder what my life would’ve ended up like if I hadn’t. I really don’t like to think about that. I consider my Instructor to be among one of the most influential people in my life. I now have a strong desire to give to other people what he gave to me: a life rich with friends with good habits and a skill that could save my life. I am blessed, and love my martial arts life!

If you think karate might be a good choice for you or your kid, please give us call and schedule an appointment for a visit . You can find our schedule online at Don’t delay, as we pride ourselves on having an excellent student to instructor ratio here at our school, and class sizes are intentionally limited. I hope to hear from you!

-Jim Peacock, Owner, Amherst Karate Studio

Experience Matters!

With over 30 years of experience, Instructor Jim Peacock oversees all of the classes at the Studio. His experience has enable him to develop a curriculum that combines a perfect mix of fun and discipline, creating high performing students who are respectful and contributing members to their families and communities.

Excellent Student to Instructor ratio!

You might think I’m crazy, but our school is intentionally small to provide an excellent student to instructor ratio. Our exclusivity enables us to develop top notch students who strive to be their personal best. They learn the value of teamwork and come away from each class with a sense of pride and accomplishment, not just from what they did for themselves, but for what they helped others to do too.

Serving Our Community

Thank you for visiting our company’s website. We offer a variety of martial art programs for our community members. Please take the time to visit any one of our website pages with various offers, discounts, events and deals. Fill out the form on this page to GET STARTED TODAY and experience our unique martial arts training.

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Martial Arts and Summer Camps

Summer Camps teach kids discipline in a fun environment. No wonder parents enroll their kids in such camps. These camps are also the perfect way to get their first taste of martial arts. Many summer camps, in order to stay fresh, have different weekly themes to keep interest going. Your child will learn how to […]

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Bringing A Success Mindset

A large factor of success lies in bringing the right attitude and mindset to your endeavors. By staying focused and positive you can achieve your aims more quickly. Martial Arts can provide the keys to maintaining a success-oriented mindset can help put you on the path to leading a more successful fulfilling life. A lack […]

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Martial Arts: Exercise and Emotional Improvement

Exercise positively influences mental health. You might just be surprise how beneficial Martial Arts can be both mentally and physically, stress is relieved and memory improved. Sleeping gets better and overall mood levels are generally raised. Anyone who exercises gets to begin reaping these rewards without needing to completely reorient their life or become a […]

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Welcome to Amherst Karate Studio

(603) 672-3570

Thank you for visiting our martial arts website home page. We have included a short video for you to view. Our academy has several unique offers to Get You Started! Please complete any form on our site and our staff will get in touch with you with more information on the features and benefits of our programs and how we can Get You Started.

Benefits of Martial Arts Training

Benefits of Martial Arts Training

Amherst Karate Studio

Amherst, NH

Developing Self-Esteem at Amherst Karate Studio in Amherst, NH – With confidence comes enhanced self-esteem. We utilize a series of multiple goals that boost self-esteem levels. This builds greater self-respect and self-esteem in our martial arts students. Please note: Our martial arts instructors turn most quiet, shy and doubtful beginners into strong outgoing leaders that become powerful practitioners.

Learning Self-Discipline at Amherst Karate Studio in Amherst, NH – The foundation of martial arts is the focus of self-discipline incorporated into a students training. Instant gratification, the I want it now, and lessons in self-restraint and discipline are learned traits for both children and adults. To succeed in life…this is one of many goals we have for our students. Our Instructors are here to serve.

Making Habits of Physical Fitness – Tired of the boring mundane and repetitive workouts? Amherst Karate Studio in Amherst, NH is more than a lifestyle change when it comes to fitness. It is a synergized martial arts training program that our students enhance their level of fitness. Our training facility incorporates fun and exciting training concepts that are unique to Souhegan Valley. Get fit by taking the right steps to creating good habits.

Developing a Sense of Respect – As a student of Amherst Karate Studio in Amherst, NH our students learn to show attention and respect to themselves and others. In this modern and fast paced world too often we see the lack of self-respect for oneself or others. We are proud of our Martial Arts students and the respect shown within the community. Through quality training our students carry on a high level of respect.